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5 Reasons You Should Become a Drone Racer

Drone racing is a sport that blends virtual reality and video gaming. This new tech-sport, challenges racers skills while they fly their drone through a track of gates and flags at supernova speeds. Each racers drone is equipped with a tiny video camera and transmitter that sends a live feed to the racers first person view (FPV) goggles. The racer pilots their as if they were strapped inside! How cool is that?

Following are 5 reasons you should seriously consider becoming a drone racer, or at least, take a drone for a few test drives.


Canadian Drone Racing @ Drone Fair Calgary - Recap

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Canadian Drone Racing @ Drone Fair Calgary June 19 2016

Drone Fair Calgary is a one day event to celebrate drone technology in a fun and educational environment. Bringing together vendors, innovators, professional pilots and enthusiasts for an event that will entice, educate and elevate drone technology.

Canadian Drone Racing is the proud sponsor of the drone racing demonstration that will take place at Drone Fair. Come check us out and learn more about First Person View Drone Racing!

View The Drone Fair Calgary Website