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5 Reasons You Should Become a Drone Racer

Drone racing is a sport that blends virtual reality and video gaming. This new tech-sport, challenges racers skills while they fly their drone through a track of gates and flags at supernova speeds. Each racers drone is equipped with a tiny video camera and transmitter that sends a live feed to the racers first person view (FPV) goggles. The racer pilots their as if they were strapped inside! How cool is that?

Following are 5 reasons you should seriously consider becoming a drone racer, or at least, take a drone for a few test drives.

Reason number one: It’s super cool

Do you even need another reason? The need for speed meets virtual reality in a robot-type flying machine. These drones look like they are straight out of a Bond film, or something equally as cool. Imagine your regular type of dinner conversation transformed, “What have you been up to lately?” “Flying drones.” “What’s a drone?” See, now you’re about to sound awesome. 

Reason number two: Computer science and the brain

Numerous studies show that playing certain types of video games can actually make you smarter. Virtual reality amplifies the experience your brain has when engaged at the time of play. An article in the New York Times, “A multi-tasking video game makes old brains act younger” discusses the findings of a group of adults between the ages of 60 and 85 who were recruited to play a game called NeuroRacer over the course of a month. Six months after playing the game, the older adults were better at multitasking, retained more information in a short period of time, and had stronger attention skills. Similar studies also show that action game players make decisions 25% faster in a task unrelated to playing video games, without sacrificing accuracy. The list of benefits continue. Yes please to drone racing!

Reason number three: Community

Drone racing is a community of its own. Drone racers gather to compete, exchange topics of interest and connect. If you’re not really ‘the community’ orientated type, you can play and train on your own terms. A preferred 21st century sport; individual competition without the isolation of playing alone at home. Still tech cool, without nullifying the importance of connecting with like-minded individuals in real time.

Reason number four: Learn to fly!

Most people dream of flying. Even if you’ve never actually wanted to get into the cockpit of a plane, drone racing could be a good substitute. The virtual realty simulation ensures that the racer pilots their drone as if they were strapped inside. Hours of practice, skill and dedication are needed to become a pro racer. Learning to fly a drone is a milestone achievement of its own accord. 

Reason number five: Compete

Not everyone is competitive by nature, others love a good challenge. Becoming a drone racer gives you an opportunity to engage with your contestant self. Drone racing challenges your personal skill levels in many different categories. You are competing against your own performance as much as anyone elses. The adrenaline rush of competing, for fun or for a greater prize, is all part of the exciting process.

Yes to drone racing! Yes to awesome tech-savy sports that allow you to fly robotic machines! 

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