Canadian Drone Racing was featured on a CTV Edmonton News broadcast. View Video >>

The Edmonton Journal shot a video about our first drone race during k-days. View Video >>

CBC Edmonton News did a feature story on Canadian Drone Racing and the newly emerging sport of drone racing. View Story >>

Have you ever had a dream where you’re flying? Zipping around the landscape with a bird’s-eye view of everything below you, looping and spinning like a bird? Travis Ames has, but he wasn’t content to relegate that experience to dreamland. Instead he dons a high-tech visor and picks up a controller, and does the next best thing – flies a remote-control drone with a first-person view. View Article >>

Racers can enter into as many as four classes to compete in thrilling first-person view (FPV) heat races, putting their skills to the test. Here’s how drone racing works: A mini-quadcopter is equipped with a small video camera and transmitter that wirelessly sends a live feed from the drone to a first person view headset worn by the racer. View Article >>

With its endless fields and panoramic skies, Alberta might be an ideal setting for drone racing – an emerging sport that is gaining popularity in Canada and around the world. View Article >>

This attraction will also serve host for the very first Canadian Drone Racing Championship! In this exciting new event, players will test their drone flying skills in an elaborate obstacle course. View Website >>

Racing is the next big thing to hit the drone world, and it’s coming to Edmonton. This weekend sees the first Canadian Drone Racing Championship Cup, held in Edmonton, and it's all is going down in a custom built indoor course on the K-Days grounds. It’s one of the first major drone races to happen in Canada. View Article >>

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