Drone racing is where virtual reality and video gaming merge. This new tech-sport, challenges drone racers skills while they fly their drone through a track of gates and flags at supernova speeds. Each racers drone is equipped with a tiny video camera and transmitter that sends a live feed to the racers first person view (FPV) goggles. The racer pilots their drone from as if they were strapped inside! 

What is a racing drone?

Racing drones are different from other popular drones that most people are familiar with. A racing drone is designed for speed and doesn't have common features like GPS lock or return to home. They are equiped with a small video camera and transmitter that allows the participant to pilot from a first-person-view (FPV).

How do I get started?

Start off small with a beginner drone that will handle a few crashes while you develop your skills! It's also important to gain experience flying line of sight before moving into FPV flying. Each person is different, so be patient as you develop your capabilities. Drone racers are skilled flyers with hours of practice under their belts. They’ve taken their time to learn about the components of a racing drone and understand the power behind them.

Why FPV racing?

Once you try it you'll know!